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The majority of icebergs that make it to our coast each year come from Greenland Glaciers. Thousands of icebergs calve from the large glaciers each year and eventually make their way south, drifting at the mercy of wind and current. Generally the first arrivals here to the North East coast can been seen in April and the viewing season can sometimes extend into mid-July. But how easily they can be seen and photographed is subject to a few variables such as wind and tide. If for example the prevailing winds prior to your visit have been from the North East, there’s a greater chance of seeing the icebergs closer to the coast. But several days of wind from the Southwest will tend to keep them farther from the coast and more difficult to see.  There are some internet as well as social media sites that are dedicated to keeping travelers up to date on the real time location of various ice bergs so following these sites will be a good idea. They are as follows:


If your dream is to view and photograph icebergs from a sea kayak, our advice is to contact us in advance so we can keep you informed of the likelihood of making your dream come true. We not only monitor the location of icebergs in the Bay of Exploits in season, but we also will know if reaching them safely by an average sea kayaker is possible.

Please contact us for more detail.

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